Semi Automatic Volumetric Liquid Filling Plant


Semi Automatic Volumetric Liquid Filling Plant

Semi Automatic Volumetric Liquid Filling Machines are available with capacity from 0.5ml to 2.5 liters. These filling machines are widely used for filling Oil, Paints, Ink, Adhesive, Milk, Chemicals, Lubricants, etc. Mounted on a sturdy base cabinet, these Volumetric Filling Machines offer easy control on the cylinder for fast and accurate volume adjustment. The machine offers a filling accuracy of ±1-2 %. Provided with diving nozzles, the volumetric filling machine has specially designed syringes and nozzles to avoid foaming while filling


  • No Container, No fill arrangement
  • Diving type filling nozzles provided. Hence avoid spillage and foam formation
  • All contact parts are made in S.S. 304 • Filling range 0.5 ml to 1000 ml in one stroke
  • Volume adjusting arrangements easy to use
  • Container is stopped for adequate time ensuring proper filling of liquid
  • Machine requires no foundation
  • Silent operation with minimal power consumption

Also available S.S. Syringe with filling Nozzles S.S. 304/uhmw washer with following filling capacity

  • 0.5 to10ml
  • 2 to 15ml
  • 5 to 30ml
  • 15 to 60ml
  • 20 to 110ml
  • 30 to 100ml
  • 50 to 260ml
  • 100 to 500ml
  • 250 to 1000ml

Liquid Filling Section:

Automatic liquid filling machine fills up accurate quantity of liquid into bottles

Liquid Filling & Capping Machine -Liquid packaging solutions and automation, Filling machine for Suitable for containers like plastic bottles, tubs, jars & jerry cans from 10ml to 5000ml. Widely used for food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics and many other industries.
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