Jelly Jam Filling Machine-SB-1206



  • Cosmetic, Jam, Jelly, Flavor Drink, Coffee, Yogurt, Water, Honey, Sauce, Juice, and Dairy Product… etc.


  • Constructed Of Stainless Steel To Meet Sanitation Standard With Anodized Aluminum Alloy Molds.
  • Individual Temperature Control For Each Mold Ensures The Sealing Quality.
  • Controlled By PLC.
  • Variable Speed Adjustment Via Speed Controller Arrange With Inverter.
  • Custom-Made Filling System To Meet Different Purpose.
  • CE Certificated.


Type Lane Capacity Pneumatic Parts Power Supply Machine Size
In-Line 6 7,200 Pcs/Hour ISO Applied Custom-Made 3,000 x 1,100 x 1,800 mm


Manufacturer of Filling Machines, Labeling Machines, Pharmaceutical Machinery
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