Accessories And Optional Form-Fill-Seal Laminated Pouch Packing Machine


Form-Fill-Seal Laminated Pouch Packing Machine

Salient Features

  • Form-fill-seal pouch packing machine is ideal for Tea, Coffee, Rice, Detergents, Spices, Sugar, Salt, Nuts, Milk powder, Chemicals, Mehndi, Gutaka, Pan Masala, ORS, Herbal Powder etc.
  • Sealing patterns available is center seal, three side seal, and four side seal.
  • Photocell control penal is given for accurate positioning of printed photo mark.
  • Digital temperature controller is used for perfect Vertical and Horizontal Seals.
  • Operators Friendly and easy to maintain machine

Optional Attachment

  • Locational Mechanical Batch Printing Machine
  • Nitrogen / Air Flushing Machine
  • Out Feed Conveyor
  • Variable Pulley Drive
  • Heater Indicator Lamp or alarm System if any one heater fails the machine automatically stops or indication lamps indicate on control panel.
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