Bottled Water Filling Machine


Bottled Water Filling Machine

Bottled Water Filling Machine – 24 BPM Mineral Water Filling Machine , 60 BPM Mineral Water Filling Machine , 30 BPM Mineral Water Filling Machine , Water Bottle Packing Machine 90 bpm

Model -RFC-5000

Bottled water filling machine is Fully-Automatic Bottling Line for Juices, Drinking waters, Wines, Liquids etc. Bottle Packaging machine is leading packaging machine in bottling machines.Bottled water filling machine, also known as packaged drinking water filling machinery is widely used to pack drinking water filling,mineral water filling,bottled water filling,spring water filling,juice filling,bottle filling etc.

Water Bottling equipments are widely used in bottle filling of pet bottles and glass bottle Drinking water filling machinery can achived great bottled water packaging in asthetic sense of bottle filling. Flavoured milk filling can be done on bottled water  machine.Bottled water filling machine can be used for juice filling,juice packaging in bottles at hot filling Bottled water filling machine also can be used as a vineger fillling equipment, wine filling equipment Packaged drinking water filling machine and water packaging machines are accurate and high speed production machines to pack drinking water in pet bottles.

SHREE BHAGWATI offers various types of bottled water filling machines for 20BPM,30BPM,40BPM,60BPM,100BPM output speed SPEED-20-100 Bottles/Min


  • 5 Feet In-feed Conveyor
  • Automatic 3-in-1 Rinsing-Filling-Capping Machine
  • 10 Feet Out-feed Conveyor
  • On-line Inspection Counter
  • Shrink Tunnel for Labeling3
  • Suitable to rinse-fill-cap application of 100ml-2Lit of
  • Packaged Drinking Water/Juices in Pet/Plastic bottle with neck holding.
  • 5 Feet infeed conveyor for inserting empty bottles to the rinsing jets of the machine.
  • Rotary spray water type inner washing/rinsing unit.
  • Digital Pump based filling unit.
  • Single Head Capping Unit along with Bulk Cap Feeder & dispensing unit.


  • 10 Feet SS slat conveyor with inspection counter
  • Online Shrink Tunnel to apply sleeves/Labels on the bottle.
  • PLC Based Control Unit,
  • No-Bottle-No-Fill-No-Cap inbuilt device,
  • 3HP Motor drives with heavy duty Gear Box (May vary as per your fill size)
  • All contact Parts will be of SS304 Grade
  • SS Covers with mirror finish (GMP model)
  • Acralyc Hood with safety door system
  • Filling Accuracy: +/-1%
  • Imported electrical, switches, contactors etc.
Liquid Filling & Capping Machine -Liquid packaging solutions and automation, Filling machine for Suitable for containers like plastic bottles, tubs, jars & jerry cans from 10ml to 5000ml. Widely used for food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics and many other industries.
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